Hey y’all! //oh gosh i say y’all too much and im not even southern//

A lot of fun things have been going on in my life recently! I’m reading the Secret Garden for school this semester, I’m only five chapters in so far but I like it a lot. I’m also a teacher assistant in a program called Teen Club at my animal shelter, the Humane Society. The Teen Club is the program I attended in 2017 as a student and that’s how I got my start volunteering at the animal shelter. This year, the program is open to anyone in the age range of 12-17 years. My first session as a teacher assistant was on Saturday, it was super fun! I was at the sign in desk and I wrote out everyone’s nametags with a labelmaker. There was a huge line, and it was a bit awkward when someone had a long name and their paper was printing b/c it was slow XD Plus, I could tell throughout the day, some people were judging us b/c my friends and I are in their age range and we’re TAs instead of students, but oh well. //we know things.//

I also helped give a tour of our facilities and hand out the pamphlets that my friend stapled. At one point, my two friends (also TAs) and I had gathered in front of the large group to lead them to the training building. As everyone was still filing through the door, I had my arm around both of my friends as we waited. Then my one friend (I’ll call her L) held out her arm and she said “Ella, put your leg here,” so then I put both my legs on her arm and she held me for a second in front of everyone XD

But then she dropped me complaining that I was too heavy XDD mood

This Saturday, I’m doing the same process with another group of students, so it should be fun! This time, I’ll have two other friends with me, which means there will be five TAs overall including me woop

Together, using all of our first name initials, our friend group is “JERLD.”

It’s beautiful.


– Stitchiella xx

//yes im a weirdo you already knew that//


A Summer-y of my Summer Break!

Hey guys!

In case you didn’t get the joke… I meant summary. Of my summer break. But you probably got that. 😛

I returned to school on the 13th of August (I know, it’s early). So here’s my summary of my break!

May: I go on a trip to Austin to see my sister Saige and afterwards, my sister comes home for the summer. I finish all my schoolwork for summer break mid-May and we go on a trip to New Orleans, where we celebrate Saige’s birthday! After this, I have my ballet recital and it’s super fun. Our performance goes great!

June: Pride month starts!


My face gets sunburnt at the beach! I go to see Infinity War!


My dog turns 10 years old!

I reach 50 volunteer hours at my local animal shelter. I get my yellow dot as a volunteer at my animal shelter, which means I can walk slightly difficult dogs in addition to the easier dogs I could walk before. iHop switches to iHob. (Ahhh!) We celebrate Cam’s sweet sixteen! I finish watching all seasons of Sherlock with my siblings. Pride month ends. 😦

July: My volunteer name badge gets washed with my shirt accidentally and both of my animal shelter dots are washed off. I save a boatload of Sherlock gifs and pictures to my camera roll to cope with the fact that there are no more episodes to watch. My phone runs out of storage. The next time I go to the animal shelter, I have a very embarrassing experience.* We go to the beach. We celebrate Fourth of July! I play Gymnopedie No. 1 on the piano for Grace, because, you know, that’s what friends do. I watch a movie called Pride (the one with the beautiful Andrew Scott aka Moriarty in it) with my sister!


I go ice skating with Cam! I dog-sit my neighbor’s dogs with Cam while they are on a trip.


I buy a pair of Converse hi-tops!

Image result for black converse hi tops

I go to the mall with my friend! And now it’s Shark Weeeek! I make vegan rice crispy treats with my mom! I go to my friend’s birthday party and jump around in a trampoline park!** I get pink eye and have to wear my old glasses for a week! Woot! I learn the Sherlock theme on the piano! I make vegan mini cheesecakes for National Cheesecake Day!


August: We go back-to-school shopping! I find out that I get to go to Texas with my sister and mom to help my sis move into her college apartment! Cam and I go back to school! My friend adopts a kitten from the animal shelter I volunteer at!

*I try to help this group of potential adopters by taking this one dog to a viewing room for them, but then as I tried to exit the viewing room the dog got loose, ran down the hallway, peed on the floor, and then her tag broke off of her collar. Woot woot

… But anyway I got a staff member who had watched the whole thing take the dog back to the viewing room, and I pretty much just avoided the family for the rest of the day. XD However, I must have done some good because they adopted the dog. 

**At the birthday party, Cam and my friend play Gran Turismo. My friend picks this nice, fast car for the race, and Cam picks the Toyota Prius as a joke. But he actually wins. IN A PRIUS. A car that only goes up to 55 MPH. XD

But now, summer break is over. It’s time…

For school to begin.

So, how was your summer break? I hope you liked the summary! I probably missed some things, but I tried to include as much as I could.

– Stitchiella xx



Hey guys!

I just wanted to do a quick post to share an amazing playlist I happened upon on Youtube. Here it is:

I especially like 2. bouquet of balloons, 4. i’ll be there, and 6. forest queen, but honestly all of them are great. Enjoy!


Guess What?

Hey guys!

Guess what? I’m sick!

It started on Friday, and I’m only starting to feel better now (Monday). Over the past few days, I’ve had terrible headaches, an ever-present sore throat, nausea, fever, etc. Let’s hope it goes away soon.

On a happier note, the Unshreddible Hulk story, written by my brother Cam, is now up on the OYEU website! It’s part the new Marvel Origami Universe series that they started. You can check it out here. Gotta say, it’s pretty awesome.

That’s all for today!

– Stitchiella xo

//and on a slightly unrelated note, this is beautiful.//

Mind Blown

So I was reading a tumblr page full of writing prompts b/c you know, I need those creative vibes to … vibe?


I happened upon this:

vealsandwich asked: Hey amigo! I have a question: if you sat on your own voodoo doll, would you be able to get up? Have a nice day!

count-sudoku: The weight would actually compound like the sound waves in a feedback loop, sending you into the center of the earth.

writing-prompt-s: Eventually you will have so much mass that you collapse into a supermassive black hole, swallowing the entire universe

so don’t accidentally sit on your voodoo doll m’dudes

Detective Camster + Detective Stitchio: Episode 2. The Case of iVariety

Hey guys!

Welcome to the second episode of Detective Camster + Detective Stitchio! (You can find our first episode here.) Today we are investigating what exactly happened for the iVariety group to suddenly disappear, the founder’s whereabouts and his plans for the future. Enjoy!

Detective Camster: WE ARE BACK! Oh yeah! 

Detective Stitchio: *helpfully plays Detective Camster + Detective Stitchio Theme Song*

Detective Camster: And today, folks, we have a very special case! A few months ago, the famed team known as the iVariety squad vanished suddenly.

*crowd gasp*

Detective Camster: For this episode, we will be determining what exactly happened. The team consisted of the incredible Faraz Haider, myself, Detective Stitchio, Mintyfreshie, and Captain Grace. It’s time to determine… what precisely went down in this case.

Detective Camster: Ah, Chicago. A lovely city filled with art and beauty. Yet it has a big secret. It is also the home of the missing Faraz Haider. We were informed that the suspect would be meeting in this cafe in approximately—*checks wristwatch*—five minutes.

Detective Camster: *watches person dressed up as a pirate enter cafe*

Nope, not him.

Detective Stitchio: Are you sure? *squints* Yeah, nope.

Detective Stitchio: *watches old lady with chihuahua in stroller enter cafe* That’s definitely not him.

Detective Camster: *watches Nicolas Cage enter the cafe*

Nope, not him.

Wait, is that Nick Cage? 😮

Detective Stitchio: No, it’s Nicolas Cage. *catches his eye and flashes peace sign* Sup, Nicolas!

Detective Camster: *watches dragon enter cafe*

Hmm, no.

Detective Stitchio: *watches a person with hood over head and large sunglasses covering eyes* Is that…? FARAZ!

*Faraz looks up and tries to run back out*

Detective Stitchio: Hold up!

Detective Camster: Faraz! We must speak. On a talk show. We have Level 158 Random Post Authorization.

*both hold up IDs* 

Detective Stitchio: You’re coming with us.

Detective Camster: Now, let’s hear the testimony of the leader himself. The unbelievable. The incredible. The amazing Faraz Haider.

Faraz Haider: I…um…*tries to escape in time machine*

Detective Camster: Stitchio, get that time machine! QUICK! The entire case rests on this!

Detective Stitchio: *grabs Faraz a split second before he vanishes into the void in the time machine forever*

Faraz Haider: Dang it. Couldn’t escape in time. Um, brb, let me grab one of my fancy wigs. *grabs wig* Okay, ready I guess.

Detective Stitchio: Ahem, so, what exactly led up to this sudden disappearance of the iVariety group?

Faraz Haider: I promise you! Nothing happened with iVariety… well, not exactly… the site’s actually still up. –>

Detective Stitchio: But why did the group’s posts conclude?

Faraz Haider: Personal stuff. But I promise you! There is still a post available.

Detective Camster: Do you like cake?

Faraz Haider: … Well who doesn’t?

Detective Camster: Interesting. Just collecting background information.

Faraz Haider: Anyways, as far as I know, the rest of the group didn’t disappear at that time. Only I disappeared that fateful day. Minty’s still alive and well in England, and Grace is in…well, wherever she is.

Detective Stitchio: … *whispers* South Carolina.

Detective Camster: That’s off the record. Transcriber, can you… no? Okay. *pause* We have been dying to find Faraz. Now, when we do, we find ramblings of one upon the topics of wigs. Faraz, what, indeed, has occurred (in basic) since that fateful day?

Faraz Haider: Lots of soul searching.

Detective Camster: *googles “soul”*

Faraz Haider: I found out that life has been taken over by Fortnite, that overrated game, and that I don’t want to be one of those people who quits their whole life to play Fortnite with a bunch of random people. *cough cough, rappers playing with gamers, cough cough*

*some of the crowd boos and some cheer*

Detective Stitchio: Most interesting.

Detective Camster: For more information on how Fortnite is plotting to take over the world, please see our other case, Fortnite Apocalypse: The Nite of Death. *pause* We have just one last question for you.

Detective Stitchio: *thinking of question* Hold on.

Detective Camster: *plays Jeopardy theme song* Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo… doo-doo-doo-doo-DOO, doo-doo…

Faraz Haider: Oh by the way, how’d you get to Chicago so fast? I swear, it was just two minutes ago when I found out you wanted to interrogate me.

Detective Stitchio: We have our ways. Last question, Faraz—what does the future hold for you?

Faraz Haider: I am doing a project involving both YouTube and WordPress. I have a deep passion for music, and so I began hosting a WordPress site where I upload YouTube videos that you can only access from my website. It’s one that I host with my ridiculous so-called daughter, Cosmic the Egg. Goodness, she’s taken over my life…

Detective Camster: We should like to interrogate—no, actually, I don’t even want to know…

*awkward silence*

Detective Stitchio: Well, on that note, that wraps up our investigation. We hope that we have answered any questions you might have had about the disappearance of the iVariety squad and the whereabouts of the one and only, Faraz Haider. And any questions about his liking of cake.

Detective Camster: Someone said cake? *looks in Faraz’s fridge*


Producer: Okay, cut!

Detective Camster: I agree, let’s cut the cake and eat it together.

Faraz Haider: *calms down* Thank goodness, you’re not eating it all! You know how much I paid for it? I paid like 50 bucks for this cake.

Detective Stitchio: I’d prefer if it’s all for me… But very well.

*camera zooms out on everyone eating cake together and fades to black*

That concludes our post! Hope you guys enjoyed the second post of the series. I apologize for this second post coming so far after the first episode, but at least it wasn’t a one-and-done. There will be more episodes coming soon! (Including Fortnite Apocalypse: The Nite of Death. 😛 ) Special thanks to my friend Faraz and my brother Cam for participating in this post. You can access Faraz Haider’s awesome new website here.

Thanks for reading!

– Stitchiella xx


Hey guys!

So recently (like four or five days ago) my siblings and I started watching Sherlock (BBC). My sister had already watched all the seasons except for the fourth because apparently it’s terrible (?), but it was the first time Cam and I had seen the show. We finished seasons 1-3 last night and it already hurts my heart that it’s over.

Although it was cheesy at times…

//cough cough … floating words//


I still really loved it and I hope, if they come out with a fifth season, that it turns out better than the seemingly disappointing season four.

Catch… you… later 😉


Happy Pride Month!

Hey you wonderful muffins!

Happy Pride Month to y’all! Pride Month is a month dedicated to celebrating the LGBT+ community, which I’m proud to be a part of.

Before I get into the exciting part of this post, I’ll explain myself—I identify as pansexual.

And no, I’m not attracted to pans.

And no, I’m not confused.

And no… there are more than two genders. To expand on that… so… we pansexuals respect people’s biological sex, gender, and gender identity, but we don’t define our relationships by it. The dictionary definition of pansexual is “not limited in sexual/romantic choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.” Basically, in simple English, we are attracted to all genders.

A common misconception is that we’re literally attracted to everyone, which is incorrect. I’m not going to have a crush on everyone who enters the room, just like a straight person wouldn’t have a crush on every person of the opposite gender entering the room. I mean, usually. XD We simply can be attracted to a person no matter their biological sex or gender identity.

Now for the exciting part! My good friend Captain Grace drew this drawing for Pride Month on paper:


//which is adorable if I may say so myself//

But anyways, I took this photo into my favorite digital art app, Ibis Paint X, and did some magic on it :3 … Meaning I traced the picture, then airbrushed color into it and //poof beauteousness//

Here it is:


I really loaf it with all of my heart


– Stitchiella xo

The Liebster Award

Hey y’all!

So dudes, it’s halfway through May, and I just realized I haven’t posted since the beginning of last month. Ouch. I apologize about that—I have not been motivated at all. However, I’m wrapping up my school year and feeling pretty good, so I decided to do a blog post!

A few things One more thing (I forgot the other things xD) before getting into the award that this post is about:

If you haven’t already, please check out mr. bubbles’ “the urn memoirs” song about her cat. It’s really beautiful and I love it so much ❤

Now for the Liebster Award!











First, thank you to Camster, my bro, for nominating me for this award.

//heh heh that awkward moment when you realize you’re so unpopular your own brother had to nominate you for an award//

And here are the rules for this award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (dunzo, bruh)
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers, who deserve the award.
  5. Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer.
  6. Let them know they’ve been nominated.

So here goes nothing!

11 Facts About Me:

  1. I’m vegan but y’all probably knew that already
  2. I’m a Ravenclaw
  3. I’m a ballet dancer
  4. I’m cyber-schooled (online/virtual state school)
  5. I volunteer at an animal shelter and I’m almost at 50 volunteer hours total (wait is that technically two facts oops)
  6. I started this blog during the Superfolder Era and I was pOpULaR //heh heh look at me now hEH HeH//
  7. I like to cOoK and BaKe
  8. I’m part of the LGBT+ community
  9. I like to wRiTe
  10. I have two amazing dogs who I love
  11. I also have four siblings who I love (more than my dogs *gasp*)

Phew there we go, 11 amazing totally true facts about the one and only moi! Next up…

Answering Camster’s Questions:

  1. Apple or banana? Apple by far
  2. Big Dipper or Little Dipper? Big Dipper
  3. Lion or tiger? Lion
  4. Baseball or basketball? B-Ball! Oh wait that probably doesn’t clear it up. Basketball, my bro.
  5. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson? Abh I love them both but Harry Potter //i think??//
  6. Books or movies? My snap decision would be movies. I love both but movies are great ’cause you can just sit and watch them unfold, preferably with chocolate, no effort required 
  7. Superpower of flight or invisibility? Hm… Flight I guess? I always feel like invisibility would be cool but I also feel like flight would be more useful in real life.
  8. Card game or listening to music? LISTENING TO MUSIC DEFINITELY – I don’t know what I would do without music ;~;
  9. Hulu hoop or jump rope? They’re both fun but jump rope is more challenging and interesting to me so jump rope
  10. Spanish or French? FrONCH even though I’m better at Spanish than French
  11. High five or hug? Hugsss

Whoop I made it through! That was challenging gosh XD Next up… Oml nominating 11 bloggers? I don’t think I even know that many active bloggers

//lol my introverted blogger life//

So instead of doing that… I nominate anyone who is reading if I’m that lucky to even get reads XD Okay I’ll stop with the jokey (yet accurate) self pity now

Here are my 11 questions to anyone who would like to complete this award:

  1. Do you prefer going out or staying in on the weekends?
  2. Drinks or food?
  3. Cats or dogs?
  4. Drawing or writing?
  5. Are you an early bird or night owl?
  6. Would you rather change the future or the past?
  7. If you were given a time machine, what time period would you travel to?
  8. What would you do with a million dollars?
  9. Phone or computer/laptop?
  10. Would you rather be taller or shorter?
  11. Knowledge or power?

You! You there, reader, if you have not already done this award, please do! You have been nominated by me!

That concludes the post, guys, thank you so much for reading if you have read this whole thing. You’re awesome and I love you!

– Stitchiella xo

(P.S. Grace and I might be coming out with a new series for y’all! //also im very sorry for saying y’all so much XD)

Smol Update

Heyo! Just a quick update – my 4th bloggiversary/blogaversary/bloggaversary/blogiversary was on Tuesday, almost a week ago. I have yet to plan a celebration thingy for it.

Note: My 4th Blogiversary means that I created my blog on that day 4 years ago! (also see: wow)

Hope to be posting soon!

And remember…


A Buzzfeed Quiz Spree Starring Grace & Ella

Hey guys!

So Grace and I read ghost’s buzzfeed quiz post and we really wanted to do this so… here goes

1. Order A Bunch Of Fast Food And We’ll Guess Your Age Quiz×863?origin=filqui&utm_term=.dykdG3r1J#.jjXOgNyJY

Ella: omg i got 26 – 35 wth

Grace: 19-25 muhaha Ella’s a grandma

Ella: how dare u XD

no offense grandmas of the world you’re super cool

2. Which Paris Pet Cat Are You Quiz

Ella: I got Linc. It says: Linc is the resident baby here at Paris Pet. Like Linc, you are a very relaxed if not charismatic soul. You like adventure and troublemaking as much as the next cat, but you can’t stand to be far from your few closest friends. You know how good looking you are, and you aren’t afraid to use that to your advantage. Sure, you might be a little needy at times, but at the end of the day, a few treats and a nice box in the sun to nap in is all you really need. … okay xD



3. Order Some Chinese Food For Yourself And We’ll Reveal What Your Fortune Cookie Says

Ella: ooh okay I got “You will succeed at something you have been anxiously awaiting for some time now.” so that’s purty cool

Grace: Omg I got “Stop procrastinating and start working. You’ll thank yourself later.”

Ella: Ooh ‘snice, so tru

4. Do You Know What These Fancy Food Words Mean?

Ella: ouch I got 4/10 and 2 of them i had the answer right at first but then i doubted myself and picked the other ;–; *cue sad music* I got: “You knew what some of these words meant, but not many.”

Grace: I got 5/10 :C Also there was one that I knew but messed up I think

Ella: *claps* good job my fren xD

5. Can We Guess Your Favorite Color Based On The Fruit Salad You Create?

Ella: oo okay I got red which is not my favorite color but i do like it sometimes like in clothing minimally it can be snice, but my fave colors are light blue/minty green

Grace: I got purple which is kinda close i guess since my fave color is blue

6. Plan Your Funeral And We’ll Reveal Your Hidden Talent

Ella: Okay… erm i got: Your elbows are grossly double-jointed… which i don’t know how i feel about

Grace: (omg wat) So apparently I can assemble IKEA furniture without instructions

Which I guess is a useful talent if u buy IKEA furniture which I do not XD

Ella: XD I cracked up at that idk why meybey im just sleep deprived xD

Grace: thanks XD

7. Only A True Chocolate Lover Has Tried 30/36 Of These Desserts

Ella: OMFEHFEIHG LOOKING AT ALL THIS CHOCOLATE I NEED IT AEWHSFGDSJF… okay i got like 19 out of all of them or somefin, it says i got: Chocolate connoisseur –

If there is a chocolate dessert on the menu, you’ll probably be the one to order it. You love chocolate but often stick to the classics and what you know. It’s time to get more adventurous and try new chocolate creations. You won’t regret it! …

I want to try the other stuff though, i just haven’t gotten to it yet xD

Grace: *gets Chocolate connoisseur*

8. Everyone Has A “Parks And Rec” GIF That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours



Ella: Okay it won’t let me put the gif but I got: “Being nice made me feel terrible.” by April Ludgate xD

Grace: omg that’s hilarious

I got “Jogging is the worst! I know it keeps you healthy, but God, at what cost?!”

Which is mee 1000 million pecent

Ella: Omg I love that part xDD

9. Who Is Your Parks And Rec Valentine Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Ella: i got ron swanson wooot

Grace: omg srsly XD

Fudge I got Jerry

WHY MUST I BE A PISCES CRUEL WORLD I shoulda been born an aries ;-;


Ella: XDDD

10. Build A Fancy AF Mansion and We’ll Tell You How You Got Rich

Ella: I got: Comedy. WOOP

Grace: I can see that tbh lmao


11. If You Get More Than 12 In This “Parks And Rec” Quiz You Have Beaten “Mastermind”

Ella: “You got 8 out of 14 right! Kyle got 12 points. You didn’t beat Kyle. But you still did really well. You win Orin as a consolation prize.” aw crap


Ella: omg u talented

Grace: Thank u it comes from


watching parks and rec a lot I guess XD

Ella: XD

12. Can We Guess Which City You’ve Always Wanted To Move To Based On The Desserts You Pick?

Ella: I gotz NYC woot woot *does ok sign*

Grace:Same (~*o*)~

Ella: oKAY we’ve done 12 so we shud prob stop XD Wait do you like harry potter/read it/watch it

Grace: Yesss

Ella: Okay we have to do this HP Quiz real quik

13. Can You Beat The Harry Potter Quiz That Was On “Mastermind”?

Ella: K… here’s my results: “You got 15 out of 15 right! You managed just as well as Barbara…You have (not) won this trophy to celebrate. It’s very exciting right now. Call your parents. Call your lover. Call Hermione. You did exceedingly well.” HECK JES

Grace: OMG HOW (*O*) I got 9/15 lol

Ella: aw its okey *pat pat*

Ella: That concludes our amazing quiz spree

Grace left randomly there so I guess dat be all

Hope you enjoyed us being very weird and prob boring xD

Loaf u all – Stitchiella ❤

i need your opinion

Hey guys!

So once again, I continue my mission to revive this blog and I was wondering your opinion on how often I should post. Let me know in the poll!


Love you guys xoxo

~ Stitchiella ❤

News Flash!

Roses can be red,

But they aren’t just exclusively red—

You’ve been misled.

And here’s a newsflash for you:

Violets aren’t blue!

No, it’s nothing new.

VIOLETS ARE VIOLET. Hence the name.

Get your facts right, people.

The Meaning of Life

“What is life? They say it’s from B to D. From birth to death. But what’s between B and D? It’s a C.”

So what does the C stand for?





























Which C-letter word do you think represents what comes in-between birth and death? Let me know in the comments.

It’s probably carrots